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Industrial Machinery & Manufacturing Equipment Appraisers

Republic Appraisal Services is a leading provider of appraisal and valuation services for industrial machinery and manufacturing equipment. Our expertise lies in catering to the needs of asset-based lenders, leasing companies, and financial institutions. Our team comprises highly qualified professionals with extensive industry experience, enabling us to provide informed asset valuations that conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (US).  With over three decades of experience, we have served hundreds of community, regional, and national lenders, and our focus is on delivering prompt, accurate, and dependable service to our clients.

Republic Appraisal Services offers collateral support services to the financial industry. Our appraisers have practical experience and market insight to provide accurate and dependable assessments. We adhere to stringent standards set by AMEA and ASA, ensuring precision and reliability in every appraisal.

Hands-On Expertise

We take a practical, hands-on approach, leaving no room for computer models or complex mathematical formulas in our appraisal process.

Stringent Standards Adherence

In an era of heightened regulatory requirements, adherence to standards is paramount. Our appraisal format is meticulously designed to comply with the rigorous guidelines set by AMEA and ASA.

Market Insight

An accurate and dependable appraisal is non-negotiable in today's lending environment. Our appraisers boast the market-savvy experience needed to ensure precision and reliability in every assessment.

Precision Matters

In today's lending landscape, precision is paramount. Our seasoned appraisers possess the market-savvy experience needed to provide you with reliable assessments you can trust.


Management Team

Douglas H. Diamond is a highly experienced professional with over three decades of expertise in the auction, liquidation, and appraisal of a diverse range of industrial equipment. He has an impressive track record of engagements with some of the nation's top auction and appraisal firms, and has been involved in major asset disposition projects on behalf of corporations, lenders, and bankruptcy trustees. Notably, Douglas has also managed a used equipment dealership, which has enriched his expertise in the buying and selling of industrial assets.

His auction and appraisal portfolio spans an array of equipment types, including:

Plastics & Rubber Processing, Printed Circuit Board, Construction/Earthmoving

Printing & Bindery, Pulp/Paper Converting, Electronics, Food & Beverage Processing

Plastic/Fiber Recycling, Foundry/Forging/Steel Mill, Furniture

Laboratory/Test/Measurement, Textile/Apparel, Transportation/Rolling Stock

Material Handling & Storage, Warehouse/Distribution Center

Metalworking/Machine Tools, Wire & Cable

Office Equipment, Woodworking 

Douglas has overseen or participated in numerous projects across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. He is also a candidate member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). Douglas has completed the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) course of instruction, along with several advanced ASA courses, and is qualified to provide expert opinions on machinery and equipment values based on various concepts, including:

Fair market value - Exchange, Fair market value - in continued use, Orderly Liquidation value

Liquidation Value In Place, Replacement cost new, Reproduction Cost New

Forced liquidation value, Salvage value, Scrap value



Douglas holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Textile Management from North Carolina State University. (Go Wolfpack!)

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