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Valuation Services

Republic Appraisal provides a broad range of valuation and advisory solutions that enable companies to confidently make strategic business decisions and achieve greater success.

Some of our services include:

Financing Support Documentation

Financial Reporting

Reporting for Tax Management

Litigation Support

Risk Management

Asset Management

Merger or Acquisition

Bankruptcy or Reorganization

Consolidating Operations

Business Planning

Appraisal Services: Text

Valuation Services

Contact us for more information on any of the below offerings and services.

Appraisal Services

What we can do for you.

Asset Inspections and Tagging
Asset Redeployment
Asset Based Lending Appraisal
Purchase Price Allocation ASC 820, ASC 805 
Actual Cash Value (Insurance)
Estate and Tax Planning


Litigation Support

Mergers and Acquisitions

Tax Appeals


Appraisal Definitions

Fair Market Value - Exchange Market Value Tax (Ad Valorem)
Fair Market Value - In Continued Use
Fair Market Value - Installed
Fair Market Value – Removal
Fair Value
Forced Liquidation Value
Insurance Replacement Cost
Insurance Value Depreciated
Liquidation Value In Place
Orderly Liquidation Value
Orderly Liquidation Value In Place
Replacement Cost New
Reproduction Cost New
Salvage Value
Scrap Value 

Additional definitions available upon request.


Equipment Appraisals

Including (but not limited to)

Dye Chemical, Machine Shop
CNC Machines, Aerospace, Dairy Farm Equipment, Telecommunication Equipment, Tractor Equipment,
Blue Print Equipment, Data Processing,
Gutter Manufacturing, Milling Machinery,
Inspection Molding, Form Processing,
Optical Equipment, Metal Processing, Restaurant, Lumber Truss, Print, Plastic and Medical Equipment


Auction Services

Republic Appraisal Consulting

Republic Appraisal Services offers expert assistance in planning and conducting auctions tailored to your needs

Appraisal Services: My Services
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